McGill Gym

McGill Athletics: More than just sports

An average morning at the Currie Gymnasium in the McGill Sports Complex sees the full spectrum of the diverse McGill population intersect, as students begin their busy day. Between early morning training sessions and recreational classes, and the occasional stop in the sport clinic to treat an injury, these students[Read More…]

rowers rowing in boats

Rowing: Mind and body unite

“Rowing is a very psychologically demanding sport,” McGill rower Kylie Shorter said emphatically, as if she knows that most people have the opposite perception of rowing.  She went on to explain that many members of the McGill rowing team never rowed prior to their McGill experience, and that training is[Read More…]

10 Things: Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing has a bit of an obscure beginning, but experts agree the sport is quite ancient. It is believed to have originated in what is now France as a method of hunting over 22,000 years ago. In present-day China, it is used as transportation. By the time cross-country skiing[Read More…]

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