The event provided a venue for dialogue. (Michael Paolucci / McGill Tribune)

Innushkueu women speak out against Plan Nord at Concordia

Tears and laughter found their space in a discussion titled “Defending the Land: Indigenous Women’s resistance to Plan Nord and community violence.” The event, held last Friday, was hosted by Concordia University’s Centre for Gender Advocacy’s Missing Justice campaign. Plan Nord is the provincial government’s plan to develop northern regions[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor

As a known student radical and victim of police brutality, I find Abraham Moussako’s Guest Column (“Moral superiority and student politics”) generally callous and presumptuous. In particular (and more relevant to my critique), I found the text personally offensive. In his recent opinion piece, he looks down upon the complex[Read More…]

Students reach out to Japan

On March 11, Shaon Basu, like many Japanese students at McGill, panicked as he learned of the tragic events unfolding back home. “I freaked out, quite honestly,” said Basu, a U2 physiology student. “It was after one of my labs and I came to know about it from a string[Read More…]

Bad News Brown murdered

On February 12, Montreal lost one of its greatest hip-hop artists. Paul “Bad News Brown” Frappier was found murdered in Little Burgundy, near the Lachine Canal at the intersection of William and Richmond Streets. Frappier, 33, was found by police close to midnight with visible gunshot wounds. The Montreal Police[Read More…]

Montreal buskers audition for right to perform in metro stations

After 25 years performing in the metro, Greg Dunlevy has seen some terrible musicianship. “You get a lot people who … bang on pieces of wood,” Dunlevy said. “They go out and get themselves a cheap guitar, they buy themselves a harmonica or a recorder, and they blow in it and they can’t do anything with it.

FEATURES: Advice from a former starving artist

Force your foot in the door, says Alex Grossi, and while she could be talking about any job, she is referring to television screenwriting. A lucrative and highly interesting position, screenwriting for TV has taken off in the past decade as the number of channels looking for the next “hit show” has expanded exponentially.

NATIONAL: McGill number eight in counterculture

McGill students can now brag to their friends at UBC about a new top-ten ranking, but its not one that university administrators will be talking about. In the October issue of cannabis magazine High Times, McGill has been ranked as the number eight counterculture school in North America.

Revamping spoken word

It’s hard to imagine how rewriting the lyrics to a Fat Boys song into his own beat-box symphony at the age of nine could lead C.R. Avery to where he is today. Currently on his Dead of Winter cross-Canada tour, backed by The Legal Tender String Quartet, you could say that Avery is in his element – his storytelling/harmonica-playing/beat-boxing element.

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