Deep Cuts: Homesick Harmonies

Steel Rail Blues Artist: Gordon Lightfoot Album: Lightfoot! Released: January 1966 Gordon Lightfoot is Canada’s preeminent folk musician, and he demonstrates it on this song from his first album, crafting a melodious chord progression that hums along like a relaxing first-class train ride while the lyrics carry the weight of[Read More…]

What’s Happening In Montreal

MUSIC—Current Swell These Vancouver indie rockers should play lots of material from their latest album, Ulysses (2014), which means Classics and English Lit majors won’t want to miss out. Wednesday, Oct. 8, 8 p.m., Petit Olympia (1282 Amherst). Tickets $15. THEATRE—The Drunken Show: Over The Limit Pay $20 and watch[Read More…]

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