Cornell researchers used fMRIs to observe brain activity. (Image Source:

Neuroimaging allows scientists to see thoughts

Scientists are getting closer to something mothers have been doing for years: knowing what we’re thinking. The development of neuroimaging technology—various techniques used to directly and indirectly image the brain—has shifted our understanding of how the brain works. Recently, two studies utilized technology to visualize brain activity associated with the[Read More…]

Tiny, immortal jellyfish: Scientists discover immortality in pinky-nail-sized jellyfish

From the philosopher’s stone to Voldemort and his horcuxes, humans have long been fascinated with the concept of immortality. However, scientists have found that one pinky-nail-sized jellyfish species has the remarkable ability to live forever.  Turritopsis nutricula, which originated in the Caribbean, is biologically immortal; its mortality rate doesn’t increase[Read More…]

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