Real phones have curves

Imagine never having to worry about small pockets again, instead you can just fold your phone over and over until it is a quarter of its original size. New technological advances and insights into graphene could make that future a reality. Recently, tech giant Samsung unveiled its new foldable phone,[Read More…]

Tracking ‘Jaws’

Many lives could have been saved in the movie Jaws if only the town had an effective way of tracking the shark terrorizing their waters. Analysis of environmental DNA, or eDNA, is a revolutionary new technique that enables scientists to follow marine animals, no matter their size. eDNA refers to the genetic material,[Read More…]

T-cells take the wheel

In recent years, modern targeted cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have become better at effectively treating the disease. However, these methods continue to be invasive for patients, as they essentially involve  racing to kill cancerous cells faster than healthy ones. Fortunately, discoveries in the field of immunotherapy—using the[Read More…]

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