The Diary of Gus

McGill Tribune One of the best ways to understand something is to analyze its exact opposite: throw it into a box, shake it around, and see what comes out. Let’s imagine that McGill is our something, this column the box. What follows is a diary entry from Gus, a McGill[Read More…]

Squirrel-watching Underreported

McGill Tribune Describing his main goals on the Students’ Society of McGill University website, President Zach Newburgh writes: “Let’s build community together by being socially-conscious, politically-aware, while vibrant in all areas of student interest.” This is a platform that I as a columnist respect and support. I find it a[Read More…]

Inaction We Cannot Afford

In 2004, Guardian columnist George Monbiot wrote, “The only higher purpose we could possibly possess is to seek to relieve suffering: our own and that of other people and other animals.” The last six years have not diminished the truth of his statement. If anything, our hurtling towards mass extinction[Read More…]

LIFE LINES: To Infinity and Beyond

The glitz and glamour of attending a prestigious university in a sexy city can be quickly extinguished by seven a.m. wake-ups, whole libraries worth of reading assignments, and that smug bastard in your history class who seems to expertly manage both. Before long, you’ll experience the long lines at the Arts basement Subway and the cyberspace torture that is Minerva, then you’ll really start feeling depressed.

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