Social networks go head-to-head

Last week Google+ was made available to the general public after months of restricted access, which led to some calling the network Google-. On the same day, Facebook unveiled big changes to its News Feed, among other things. The two social networks are now competing for the public’s attention. Which[Read More…]

An Ode to Bettman

The final series of the 2011 NHL playoffs will be remembered for several reasons. Perhaps for being the first professional sports event in which players tried to stuff their fingers in each other’s mouths. Maybe as the year when Vancouverites tried to burn their city to the ground because they[Read More…]

Going back to school in the cool

Coming back to Montreal after a long summer can stir up mixed emotions. It’s great to see friends and roommates again, and there’s OAP and Frosh. However, nobody likes the inevitable late nights at McLennan or midterms in September. We’ve compiled a list of toys and tools to help ease[Read More…]

Rustock Botnet Takedown

If you typically stock up on “V1aGr4” and “C!AL!$” from suppliers who email you individually, expect to have a bit more trouble over the coming weeks. Last week, Microsoft shut down the largest source of spam emails on the Internet, the Rustock botnet. A botnet is a large collection of[Read More…]

Engineers need English

The Faculty of Engineering will add a new course to its curriculum beginning in the 2012-13 academic year.  This addition will not affect any current students but will be grandfathered in. The change means that all Engineering students, beginning in September 2013, will be required to take an English course[Read More…]

The Mac vs. PC debate

Over the years there have been a number of lively computer debates, many of which remain unsettled. There’s Vim versus Emacs, C++ versus Java, and whether or not P is equal to NP. All of these arguments pale in comparison to the most disputed topic in both geek and non-geek[Read More…]

Removing pests can be a rat race

I would call myself a pretty neat person. I wash dishes the night they’re dirtied, do laundry once a week, and occasionally brush my teeth. However, the events that transpired shortly before this past Reading Week have led me to re-evaluate my cleanliness. The story starts the Wednesday before break[Read More…]

Computing’s Future: It’s in the clouds

In one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world, the next major paradigm is rolling in: cloud computing. Much in the way the Internet altered our computing perspective, cloud computing is drastically changing the way people use their computers by increasing the speed and availability of data and[Read More…]

Leaf the attitude at home

Over reading week, I had the pleasure of going to an NHL game. It was my first Maple Leafs game. Living up to their reputation, the Leafs were outplayed by the Pittsburgh Penguins third-stringers. While I didn’t see Crosby, I had the honour of sitting next to one of the[Read More…]

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