McGill receives top marks

McGill University was ranked 17th in Quacquarelli Symonds’ (QS) list of the top universities in the world. Since QS began ranking universities in 2004, McGill University has consistently placed among the top 25 schools on the list. The rankings were based on six weighted factors according to QS’s website: academic[Read More…]

The Summertime Grind

During the academic year, McGill students often think of themselves as some of the busiest students in the world, and the summer is no different. Many McGill students, whether interning, working, or taking classes, kept themselves busy this summer combining travel and work experience.   Danielle DaCosta, a U3 Anthropology[Read More…]

Alumni Association launches Greatest McGillian campaign

McGill has plenty of famous alumni, from prime ministers to Grammy winners, but who is the greatest of them all?  With McGill”s 190th anniversary approaching, the Alumni Association has decided to seek the answer to this question. The Alumni Association began its search for the greatest McGillian by creating an[Read More…]

Novelist Carlos Fuentes speaks on literature and law

Last Wednesday, renowned Mexican author Carlos Fuentes delivered a lecture at the McGill Faculty of Law. His talk covered a broad range of topics in an equally broad range of languages, employing English, French, and Spanish. Fuentes’s talk was titled “Literature and Law,” but it ranged over numerous subjects, including[Read More…]

Students reach out to Japan

On March 11, Shaon Basu, like many Japanese students at McGill, panicked as he learned of the tragic events unfolding back home. “I freaked out, quite honestly,” said Basu, a U2 physiology student. “It was after one of my labs and I came to know about it from a string[Read More…]

Queen’s Rector Day under fire

Students at Queen’s University are deciding whether or not their rector, Nick Day, should be impeached, after he wrote a public letter, signed with his position, to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff praising the controversial campus event Israeli Apartheid Week.    On March 7, Ignatieff issued a statement condemning Israeli Apartheid[Read More…]

Seventh annual Israeli Apartheid Week comes to McGill

Alice Walker Israeli Apartheid Week­­—a week-long series of events designed to raise awareness of alleged Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians—highlights the ongoing debate around the world concerning the birth of the Israeli state, as it did at McGill this past week.   Israeli Apartheid Week is praised for its[Read More…]

Working group suggests cutting Arts minor requirement

Since the mid-90s, Arts students at McGill have been required to fulfill the requirements of both a major and minor in order to graduate. This, along with several other components of the Arts degree program, may soon change if the proposals from a Dean of Arts Working Group are implemented.[Read More…]

McGill sends students to Antarctica to conduct research Many students have complained about Montreal’s arctic temperatures in the past weeks, but few, if any, have actually had a real Arctic experience. In the coming weeks, that is about to change. A group of McGill students led by Professor Eric Galbraith are heading to Antarctica for a two-week[Read More…]

Former Concordia student sues university over expulsion On January 20, Ashraf Azar, a Concordia University student expelled for plagiarism in 2004, entered the Quebec Superior Court to begin a new lawsuit against Concordia. This lawsuit, unlike the previous one filed in 2007, seeks a court injunction in place of monetary damages.   “If I really had[Read More…]

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