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Memory-making in action: researchers film brain activity

This January, scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University captured on screen the process of the brain making memories. Using mice to perform their experiments, researchers added fluorescent tags to mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) molecules that helped them track these molecules as the brain underwent the […]

(Sam Reynolds / McGill Athletics)

Championship Recap

RSEQ Championship — Track & Field For the third time this season, McGill hosted the wealth of track teams from across Quebec in the RSEQ provincial championships. Battling hard throughout the weekend, the Martlets claimed their first conference title in the last six years—thanks in large part to an incredible […]

What happened last week in Canada?

Conservatives introduce controversial omnibus Bill C-45 Last Thursday, the Canadian government introduced another massive budget bill, Bill C-45. Critics, including the New Democratic Party (NDP), have denounced the bill as “covering way too much ground.” C-45 proposes significant changes to Member of Parliaments’ pension plans, the Navigable Waters Protection Act, […]