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Varsity highlights of the 2021-2022 season

Stephanie Desjardins (Martlets hockey, fifth-year) “The season was challenging with the pandemic coming back at full swing right after the Christmas break. We fought adversity throughout the entire season with restrictions, practicing, and playing with masks. The girls fought hard physically and mentally for the last eight months and showed[Read More…]

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MUNACA to vote on whether to strike following McGill’s proposal to reduce salary increases

McGill University’s Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA), a union that represents approximately 2,000 support staff employees, such as laboratory assistants and service representatives, will vote whether to go on strike on April 6. This is after McGill proposed measures that would decrease members’ pay increases that were negotiated in the previous[Read More…]

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The enemies to lovers trope: Tried-and-true or time for something new?

From impassioned kisses in the rain to meet-cutes in high school hallways, romantic literature and entertainment have never failed to engage audiences through beloved clichés. One that continues to withstand the test of time is the enemies-to-lovers trope, in which two characters’ mutual hatred toward one another progressively transforms into[Read More…]

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The Church’s apology requires devoted action

On April 1, Pope Francis made a long-overdue apology to Indigenous peoples in Canada for the role Catholic leaders and administrators played in committing cultural genocide through the residential school system. The Pope called these leaders’ behaviour “deplorable” and asked for both God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of Indigenous peoples[Read More…]

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Oscars 2022 Fashion Roundup

In spite of falling ratings, one recent trend of contemporary Academy Awards ceremonies has steadily risen in popularity—fashion commentary. Millions of creators across social media channel their inner Miranda Priestly each year to judge the always extravagant, sometimes ostentatious outfits worn by celebrities on different red carpets throughout the night.[Read More…]

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SSMU executive requirements pose unique challenges for international students

International students holding an executive position in the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) face significant challenges due to conflicting credit requirements imposed by Quebec immigration laws and the SSMU constitution. To contend with their 40 to 70 hour weekly workload, SSMU requires executives to drop to part-time status, enrolling[Read More…]

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