Crazy couponing

During the approximately 100 hours I spent watching TLC over the holiday break, I learned some important lessons: 19 kids are far too many, petite girls should never carry big purses, and Sarah Palin is a good shot. Some of the most useful information, however, came from a new show[Read More…]

NBA Preview – Northwest Division

Portland Trail Blazers: Portland is due for a breakout season. Despite back-to-back 50 win seasons the Blazers have yet to join the Western Conference elite. This season they will make the jump if they can avoid the injuries that plagued them last season. All-NBA guard Brandon Roy averaged 21.5 points,[Read More…]

Obama harshing on my mellow

Reclining on my couch a few nights ago after a long day at the Trib office, I exhaled deeply upon reading the news that the Obama Administration will continue enforcing federal drug laws in the state of California even if its voters next month pass Proposition 19. If passed, this[Read More…]

How to Get Rid of a Campus Group

McGill Tribune 1) Chose a group with an opt-outable funding system (these groups are usually “progressive”, e.g. QPIRG) 2) Coordinate a mass-flyer campaign with a catchy slogan like “save some money” detailing how to opt-out of their fee. 3)  Don’t provide any info about the organization (if you do, it[Read More…]

McGill Redmen football: a damage report

John Kelsey Ardent devotees of the varsity football team must be ready for psychiatric counseling.  Luckily, there aren’t many of them.  Those that remain have been shaken by five deflating losses.  Let’s have a look at the damage. Game 1:  Laval blew out the Redmen 50-9 in Quebec City.   The Redmen could have recovered if[Read More…]

Nancy Drew’s newest competition

When Alan Bradley set out to write his first detective novel he had no idea it would lead to the character of Flavia de Luce, or to a series about the young sleuth, in which The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag is the second novel. “I was writing another detective novel that I thought I had plotted very carefully for story and characters, then Flavia just materialized in it,” Bradley says.

PIÑATA DIPLOMACY: Ricky’s regret

If I regret any of my columns from this year, it would be February’s “Middle-class guilt.” My regret isn’t so much over the views I tried to express, but over the fact that I haven’t yet negotiated a comfortable balance between the nuanced views I try to maintain and my emotional writing style, which tends to be excessive and – as my mother complains – angry.

FILM: Cutting-edged comedy

Dear Journal, what can I say? He drove a cool car, remarks a certain 13-year-old boy by the name of Augusten Burroughs in the new movie adaptation of the memoir Running With Scissors. Having read Burroughs’ reminiscences of a homosexual boy with a 35-year-old boyfriend growing up in western Massachusetts in the late 70s, I was readily expecting golden phrases such as the former in the film’s adaptation.

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