Quebec’s Bill 115 eases access to Anglophone schools

Thousands gathered outside Premier Jean Charest’s Montreal office to protest the recently approved Bill 115 on October 18. The legislation grants students access to the English public school system after spending three years in a private non-subsidized English school and after having followed a so-called “genuine educational pathway,” which protesters[Read More…]

Literary launch lacks laughs

Local literati were out in full blazered regalia on October 5 for the re-launch of Montreal humourist Jonathan Goldstein’s first novel, Lenny Bruce is Dead, originally published by Coach House Books in 2001. The 41-year-old Goldstein, author of two books, contributor to Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life, and host[Read More…]

McGill Redmen football: a damage report

John Kelsey Ardent devotees of the varsity football team must be ready for psychiatric counseling.  Luckily, there aren’t many of them.  Those that remain have been shaken by five deflating losses.  Let’s have a look at the damage. Game 1:  Laval blew out the Redmen 50-9 in Quebec City.   The Redmen could have recovered if[Read More…]

Redmen show promise for upcoming season

For four decades, Redmen football victories against rival University of Toronto were treated like blue moons, solar eclipses and Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup — they didn’t happen very often. McGill removed itself from that list Saturday as the team opened its gridiron season with a 40-17 win over the Varsity Blues in an exhibition contest at the Varsity Centre in Toronto.


At this time last year, the Tribune voiced concerns with Students’ Society Vice-President University Affairs Rebecca Dooley’s lack of experience. Before her tenure as VP UA, she’d been Queer McGill’s political action coordinator, which, the Tribune believed, was insufficient training for the portfolio.

CAMPUS: Wireless worries

As early as the nineties, McGill was at the forefront of developing a wireless network. Today that network provides over 2,500 wireless access points, each covering 250 square feet, and the university is in the process of upgrading its coverage and launching a three-year project to better integrate users around the campus.

@MAC: Hema-Quebec not afraid to head west

Although Héma-Québec is not returning to the downtown campus until at least next semester, the blood agency did not hesitate to hold a blood drive at Macdonald campus last Tuesday. The event was fairly quiet as no protesting groups were present, allowing Héma-Québec to reach its target of 70 donors with ease.

For Anglo-Montrealers, Super Sandwich is the place for lunch

Though downtown Montreal is filled with dépanneurs, the small establishment in the basement of the Cartier Building on Peel and Sherbrooke Streets is the only one that has several hundred loaves of bread delivered fresh every morning. That dépanneur, known as Super Sandwich because of the red-and-blue neon sign advertising “Super Sandwiches” mounted in the window, needs the loaves in order to make the hundreds of sandwiches it sells each afternoon.

Everybody’s a terrorist in From Paris With Love

Pierre Morel’s new film From Paris With Love is exceptionally tasteless. Admittedly, action movies are meant to be vile concoctions of guns, cars, drugs, and racial/sexual stereotypes, but From Paris With Love is so strikingly problematic that it cannot be considered a harmless testosterone-fuelled fantasy.

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