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On the origins of stereotypes: Implicit bias rooted in identity markers

Are Canadians ridiculously polite? Is Gen Z exceedingly self-absorbed? Stereotypes pervade our day-to-day lives, with their roots grounded in false notions and “othering” media portrayals. However, stereotypes of age, race, gender, and other identifiers do not exist in a vacuum—an identity consists of multiple identifiers that mesh and interlock. A[Read More…]

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Advancing scientific frontiers through undergraduate research

On March 15, the fourth Undergraduate Poster Showcase took place in the Students’ Society of McGill University Ballroom, bringing in a new cohort of student scientists. Nearly 400 attendees congregated that evening to learn from the 117 students presenting their projects, ranging from earthquakes melting rocks to building a safer[Read More…]

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Stiffer DNA hydrogels open new paths for biomedical applications

Besides acting as the backbone of genetic material, DNA is getting significant attention for being a versatile building block of nanomaterials—particles one-thousandth of the diameter of a hair strand—including a type of nanomaterial called DNA hydrogels.  As a rising star in the field of nanoengineering, which is the study of[Read More…]

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Call off the search for a “normal” brain

A “normal” brain—also termed “neurotypical”—has long been used in cognitive science research as a benchmark for brain activity comparisons. But this distinction between brains actually limits neuroscience research and has long escaped the notice of experts. Jakub Kopal, a postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience at McGill, researches the effect of genetic[Read More…]

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