OFF THE BOARD: My beef with Schwartz’s

For 21 years I did the best I could to remain kosher as my parents raised me. The tradition was, and still is, a cornerstone of my dietary identity. But the allure of Montreal’s most renowned non-kosher Hebrew delicatessen – so famous that it appears as a landmark on Google Maps – was too much to resist.

AUS, Caribbean Students’ Society respond to Haiti earthquake

In response to the massive earthquake that struck Haiti last week, McGill student organizations and the greater Montreal community are rapidly organizing to raise money and contribute to relief efforts. With over 100,000 Haitians currently living in Montreal, the disaster has mobilized the city’s student community.

AMUSE gains accreditation

After a year and a half of campaigning, the Assiciation of McGill University Support Employees, the oraganization composed of McGill’s 3,000 casual workers, has unionized and affiliated with the Public Service Alliance of Canada. The campaign, which began in September 2008, started when a group of undergraduate students in the McGill work study program felt they needed a union structure to balance their working conditions with those of the represented colleagues.

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