Chicago by the El train

Amelia Bailey The Windy City used to be best known for three prominent residents: Al Capone, Oprah and Michael Jordan. Many Chicagoans were content with their reputation for gang violence and the occasional successful sports franchise, but in the early 2000s, Mayor Richard Daley decided the city needed a change[Read More…]

Peppermint Bark

Holly Stewart There’s no reason that peppermint bark can’t be enjoyed year round. Nor should Williams Sonoma have a monopoly ($30 per box) on this refreshing treat. The store-bought version has a layer of dark chocolate, a layer of white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candy on top. Adding peppermint extract[Read More…]

Simplify Sexual Harassment Procedure

Last week I wrote a Features article (“Sexual Harassment at McGill,” November 23) about sexual harassment at McGill. I expected it to be a straightforward assignment—resources for this type of thing should be easily accessible. But by the time I sat down to write the article, I was disturbed by[Read More…]

Leave Your Lulus Behind

According to the Rock ‘n’ Roll racing series—which is slowly taking over every distance race in the U.S.—to be a successful runner one must eat P.F. Chang’s Chinese food, drink light beer, and wear $200 worth of Brook’s running gear. Don’t forget the $350 Garmin watch that has GPS, a[Read More…]

Divine designs for a grungy ghetto apartment

Class has started, your apartment is filled with Ikea boxes, and furniture is awkwardly pushed against walls. No one has time to keep their apartment feng shui, but some basic interior design tips can make any apartment feel less like an impersonal rented studio. Previous tenant catastrophes Vomit-stained carpets, holes[Read More…]

Back to blog basics

Cooking is a science, and a fun and delicious one at that. And like any science, experimentation is key.  Julia Child meticulously tested her recipes, which is why they’re still the heart and soul of so many kitchens. Unfortunately, Child is partly to blame for the plethora of food blogs[Read More…]

Hot Chocolate

Holly Stewart Holly Stewart I was walking through the Milton-Park intersection on Halloween when it started to snow. I didn’t care that it was still October and that most people were roaming the streets in slutty costumes; I was in the mood for hot chocolate and Christmas carols. With Second[Read More…]

Wyoming’s paradise I’ve always been a city girl. Growing up in downtown Chicago, I only applied to universities in large cities, and once declared Carmel, California—a small ocean town of retired actors and millionaires with a slew of art galleries—the most boring place on earth. This is why it’s so[Read More…]

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