McGill loses grip on lead and season in loss to Gaiters

Sam Reynolds Sam Reynolds   Lately, in addition to football, the Redmen have been playing a new game: quarterback roulette. But even in front of a raucous Fill the Stadium crowd of 1,942, red (and white) can’t catch a break. The Redmen used quarterbacks Dallon Kuprowski and Jonathan Collin on[Read More…]

Conference explores English-language arts in Quebec After the anglophone arts scene in Montreal fell apart in the turbulent political clime of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and after flights of anglo exodus before both the 1980 and 1995 referendum, English-language arts have enjoyed a resurgence here over the past decade. Both to celebrate this success, and[Read More…]

Don’t put this conscious comic in a corner If comedians were meals, Hari Kondabolu would be the delicious, home-cooked variety. Other stand-up comics are frequently almost equally tasty, but often, I find myself enjoying a routine only to feel nauseous looking back at what I’ve tacitly endorsed with my laughter—exactly how I feel after eating McDonald’s. Following[Read More…]

An ode to the now sickly sweet science

Though ESPN is now my homepage and I regularly have 15-20 different tabs of sporting-related articles open at a time, I didn’t like the majority of sports when I was young. My family never gathered around the TV for Hockey Night In Canada, and the only sports programming my dad[Read More…]

Martlets Basketball – B

Alice Walker Throughout the year the Martlets had a bad habit of letting themselves fall behind early in games only to rely on extraordinary clutch play to pull out victories. They finally ran out of magic in the first round of the playoffs against a Laval Rouge-et-Or team that, despite[Read More…]

Retired NHL player wins Nobel

 Retired NHL player of the Ottawa Senators, Allan Starford, has just won the Nobel Prize in physics for his advances in quantum theory. The Brobune was  granted an exclusive interview after the award ceremony.   Q: So, Mr. Starford, now that you’ve won this Nobel prize some people are saying[Read More…]

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