McGill Gym

The Sport Authority EP. 5: Life as a club athlete at McGill

[audiotrack title=”The Sport Authority Ep. 5: Life as a club athlete at McGill” songwriter=”Mayaz Alam and Nicole Spadotto” date=”March 26, 2016″ width=”700″ height=”200″ src=”″ autoplay=”on”] There are many athletes at McGill. Some are varsity athletes that represent the university, others are recreational athletes who play a sport to stay in[Read More…]

Rooney rule

Behind the Bench: Rooney Rule Ramifications for Female Representation

Diversity and minority visibility in professional athletics has recently made international headlines, with the inauguration of new professional women’s sport leagues, such as the WNHL, the MLB implementing programs to increase female and minority job candidates, and new awards like the British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards recognizing the diversity of[Read More…]

Exercise for Mood

Exercise for Mood works out for mental health

It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins and that endorphins make us happy—this has been known to be true since 1974, when hormones were scientifically discovered. Exercise for Mood, however—a program in its fifth semester at McGill—is built on an often disregarded concept: The human element of exercise. Created by[Read More…]

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