Talib Kweli: Gutter Rainbows

Alternative rapper Talib Kweli’s Gutter Rainbows displays the best qualities his subgenre has to offer. The lyrical flow is fast-paced, the message isn’t overly materialistic, the production is heavily inspired by neo-soul, and Kweli’s attitude is, as he puts it, “cool like Fonzie.” Throughout Gutter Rainbows, Kweli touches on the[Read More…]

No Kraft Dinner for Ted Williams

 The first major entertainment story of 2011 was undoubtedly that of Ted Williams, also known as “the homeless guy with the golden voice.” Down on his luck and left panhandling to various passersby, Williams demonstrated his incredible silky smooth voice, which was subsequently recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Literally hours[Read More…]

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Before the release of his latest album, few doubted Kanye West’s ability to one-up himself given his talent, money, and endless supply of industry connections. So it should come as no surprise that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is just as spectacularly excessive as we could have hoped.    There[Read More…]

Between a rock and a hard place

digitaltrends.com Two years after the release of director Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire comes 127 Hours, a film based on the terrifying true story of adventure seeker Aron Ralston (James Franco). Ralston inadvertently has his right arm pinned between a boulder and a cavern wall during an afternoon hike in the[Read More…]

Guns and sorrow

The Hollywood summer marketing machine has shifted its focus from the teenage audience back to an audience that wants quality movies. What a relief; Enter The American. The premise is simple: Jack (George Clooney), a shady veteran spy with a knack for assembling weapons, is asked to build a rifle[Read More…]

Factor: Lawson Graham

Lawson Graham is a left-of-centre hip-hop release by veteran Canadian beat-maker Factor. A group of label mates, both singers and rappers, provide some vocals for his instrumentals, but this album begs the question of whether it’s hip-hop or indie rock. It’s tough to say—the tracks that give off the best[Read More…]

Hooded Fang: Hooded Fang

Unlike some indie rockers, Hooded Fang’s ego doesn’t get in the way of producing a good album.  However, this might be expected from a band named after the villain of a popular children’s book series. There isn’t a huge concept to tackle or a personal battle to overcome on their[Read More…]

Fair Game breaks the rules

Boston.com Warning: If you don’t remember the Valerie Plame affair of a few years ago, you should brush up on the scandal before going to see Fair Game, the new movie based on the story. Naomi Watts plays Valerie Wilson (know to her colleagues by the pseudonym Valerie Plame), an[Read More…]

Ice Cube : I Am the West

“Ice Cube is the West Coast” is the mission statement for his new album. But after 16 tracks loaded with self-indulgence, Cube and his small posse of gangster no-names, has-beens, and never-weres can’t give a decent reason for why he deserves the title of “Best in the West.” The album[Read More…]

John Legend & The Roots: Wake Up

It’s hard to believe that an album covering 35-year-old soul songs could generate so much hype, but with John Legend and the Roots, it’s hard not to take notice. The songs discuss war (frequently making a connection between Vietnam and Iraq), poverty, violence, and social justice. But the sound has[Read More…]

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