Georges St. Pierre regained his title in Montreal in 2008. (

Montreal set to welcome hometown hero

The NHL lockout has left a huge void in the lives of Montreal sports fans: we walk the streets on Saturday nights, expecting to see hockey on bar televisions, but all we find is college football. Luckily, there’s an opportunity coming up this Saturday night that will rival the atmosphere[Read More…]

The challenges and biases of factual reporting

In Nassim Taleb’s book, The Black Swan, the author confidently assures his readers that, to learn anything, one must “minimize time spent reading newspapers,” and “ignore the blogs.” He argues that these outlets always try to apply narratives to what simply may be disparate facts, usually report the same sets[Read More…]

A real Romney gaffe

It’s easy to understand why Mitt Romney must be feeling frustrated right now. The four-day Republican National Convention was first hijacked by a hurricane, and then by an old man talking to a chair.  Meanwhile, the majority of the media met the Democratic National Convention with plaudits, and Obama has[Read More…]

Still in Armstrong’s Peloton

For the past 10 summers, I’ve had an odd July morning ritual. I wake up early and watch the Tour de France. What compels me to watch this low-tech version of NASCAR? One reason: Lance Armstrong and his inspiring story. I was extremely saddened a few weeks ago when the[Read More…]

The numbing absurdity of fact-checks

In a US presidential campaign full of unremitting stupidity, the ‘fact-check’ has claimed the crown of the most tedious journalistic device used during this news cycle. Instead of raising the tone of the presidential debate by defending the truth, the fact-check has become another cudgel to be used in the[Read More…]

A choice with no good options

The voting options in Quebec’s election yesterday were akin to the choice between being punched in the gut and being punched in the face; both are extremely painful or something to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, the responsibility of an active citizen, especially in an election this important, forced[Read More…]

Not a class act, but Floyd’s not the dirty one

Justice was served Saturday night in the Mayweather-Ortiz WBC Welterweight tilt. One of the greatest of all time celebrated in the middle of the ring with his corner men, while the dirty fighter was sprawled unconscious on the ground staring up at the bright lights of the MGM Grand. It’s[Read More…]

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