Ten Things: Fictional Athletes

Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn – Major League, 1989 Wild Thing captured the hearts of Cleveland with his bad boy attitude and erratic pitching arm. Had Vaughn entered this year’s World Series in the 10th inning, Cleveland would be celebrating their first title since 1948.

McGill Intramurals ensures only the average survive

“This one game I was reffing, these two guys […] got too tangled up, but one of them shoved the other guy and then they were face-to-face pushing each other,” B-league basketball referee Itai Nitsan said. “Of course, every player on the court runs into the middle of a scrum trying to calm it down, but in reality they just make the scrum bigger.”

In Conversation with NBA Analyst Doris Burke

“I have been playing, coaching, or now covering the game since I was seven-years-old,” Burke said. “It has literally been one of the driving forces of my life. I [would not have completed] a college degree without it. I am the last of eight kids. Financially, with that many kids, I don’t care how much money you are making, it was a little bit of a stretch for my parents. So affording a college tuition would have been hard.”

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