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Sometimes research on the tiniest things can have the biggest impact, a fact that has driven the computer industry for the last 50 years. Professor Nathaniel Quitoriano, head of the Semiconductor Nanostructures Lab in the department of mining and materials engineering at McGill, researches silicon and other semiconductor materials on[Read More…]

The McGill Electric Snowmobile Team

McGill Electric Snowmobile Team In the age of electric cars, there is less focus on regulating emissions from other vehicles. From Sea-Doos to Ski-Doos, the small vehicle market is largely immune to the hybrid revolution. The McGill Electric Snowmobile team, a group of 12 undergraduate engineering students, is looking to[Read More…]

Penn State scandal bigger than football

Last Wednesday, the Penn State board of trustees fired football coach Joe Paterno and President Graham Spanier in connection with the recently uncovered child abuse scandal. Shortly after the announcement, a few hundred Penn State students took to the streets in support of their beloved ‘JoePa,’ tipping over cars, knocking[Read More…]

Thailand floods may cause a major technological shift

In the computer industry, major paradigm shifts occur when new technology appears which outperforms old technology at a similar cost. One of these technology shifts may take place very soon, as the flooding in Thailand has caused the price of rotational hard disk drives to skyrocket in the past few[Read More…]

Why I’m voting no

This fall’s referendum features two questions which are almost identically worded; one regarding the McGill chapter of the Quebec Public Interest Research Group, and one about CKUT, a radio station run by McGill students. Both questions call for the renewal of the groups’ opt-outable fees, but both also demand a[Read More…]

Keep it off Facebook

Facebook and privacy are two words with a long, tenuous relationship. At 750 million members, the site houses a lot of information about a lot of people. It is no surprise that the company has been the frequent subject of scrutiny over its privacy policies. What is often overlooked is[Read More…]

The contributions of a great technological innovator

note005.blogspot.com Two weeks ago, one of the greatest pioneers of the 21st century technology industry passed away. He was responsible for some of the most important technological innovations, and his work moulded the computer world into its current state. Dennis Ritchie was one of the greatest innovators of his time.[Read More…]

Justice: Audio, Video, Disco

 Webster’s English Dictionary should go ahead and put the album art for Audio, Video, Disco beside the definition of sophomore slump. The first album from the French electrohouse duo, †, was just about perfect in every regard. However, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay took many of its positive aspects[Read More…]

Einstein’s theory under fire

  One of the brightest scientists of all time may have made some mistakes. Recent research conducted at CERN suggests that it could be possible for particles to travel faster than the speed of light, something Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity specifically prohibits. This finding, if correct, pokes a hole[Read More…]

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