SSMU Strategic Summit

This past Friday, a SSMU meeting designed to foster communication and openness among university groups became the latest display of student-administration tension. The meeting was the first in a series of “Strategic Summits” planned by SSMU president Maggie Knight, which are designed to foster discussion on solving concrete problems related[Read More…]

The search for post graduation employment

The class of 2011 has left McGill, diplomas in hand, eager and career-ready. However, realizing these goals has proved to be challenging for some. The current economic climate, combined with the fact that college students typically experience a period of unemployment after graduation, has caused a great deal of anxiety[Read More…]

Canadian senator and nuclear activist visits McGill The annihilation of the human race by nuclear war is probably not something that has been on the average student’s mind since the end of the Cold War. But according to Douglas Roche, it should be.    Roche, a former MP, Senator, Canadian Diplomat, and anti-nuclear weapons activist, recently[Read More…]

MUNACA strike, week two

Sam Reynolds The MUNACA strike has entered its second week with newly restarted negotiations remaining at a standstill, despite Quebec’s appointment of a conciliator. Meanwhile, SSMU has steadily supported MUNACA. On Friday afternoon, McGill announced that a conciliator was appointed to bring the McGill’s administration and the striking workers together.[Read More…]

Ten years later, McGill remembers 9/11

This Sunday marked the tenth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The attacks shocked America, Canada, and the world, and even now maintain a deep, palpable psychological grip on many. While the attacks happened hundreds of miles away, Canada and the[Read More…]

First frosh after revamp goes off without a hitch

Year after year, hundreds of new and returning McGill students spend their first days at university involved in Frosh. However, this year’s Frosh has undergone a number of changes: participants had to pay for alcohol, it was held in conjunction with Discover McGill, and took place over the course of[Read More…]

Top stories from the last week

Monday, August 29 United States—Cleanup from Hurricane Irene began along the East Coast. The storm hit over the weekend, bringing down trees and power lines, causing flooding and evacuations, and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Wednesday, August 31 Syria—The Attorney General of the Syrian city of Hama resigned to[Read More…]

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