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The Legacy of Alexei Simakov

The resignation of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Vice-President (VP) Internal Lola Baraldi in October came with a silver lining for the ever-eroding world of McGill politics. In the midst of the confusion came the return of Alexei Simakov—known for running a close election against current SSMU President […]

Uncovering past climates through paleobotany

Paleontology has long offered scientists insight into the mysteries of prehistory. Through excavations of colossal skeletons, petrified insects, and fossilized plants, researchers can uncover what life looked like long ago.  Despite the extensive study of animals from the Cretaceous period, which stretched from 145.5 million years ago to the dinosaur […]

Hiring discrimination exists—it’s time for universities to acknowledge it

In her Nov. 4 column in The Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente denounced the decision of Universities Canada, a national university lobbying group, to release the demographic data for each university faculty in a national database. Her argument is that universities have come to prioritize inclusivity over performance; hiring staff, […]

Meet local candidates for the 2015 federal election

Click on one of the candidates’ pictures to get started! Liberal Party of Canada: Marc Miller New Democratic Party: Allison Turner Conservative Party of Canada: Richard Sagala Bloc Québécois: Simon Marchand Green Party of Canada: Daniel Green Communist Party of Canada: Miguel Figueroa   Read about the other parties