Online note service hits U of T

Notesolution, a newly released online points-based service allows students to electronically exchange notes with each other. Students earn virtual “credits” for posting their class notes which they can use to purchase others’ notes.  The service, founded in December 2009 by University of Toronto alumnus Kevin Wu and released at the[Read More…]

The Tribune’s 2010 winter referendum endorsements

Eight referenda and a plebiscite question appear on the Students’ Society winter electoral ballot. After careful deliberation, the Tribune editorial board has endorsed a position on each of the questions. Our candidate endorsements appear on pages 10 & 11.

Referendum rundown: what you need to know before voting

Question RE: Bodily Sovereignty This question is a toned-down version of the General Assembly motion concerning discriminatory groups, which sought to amend the Students’ Society constitution to prohibit pro-life clubs from existing. A “Yes” vote would require SSMU to take action against groups that compromise “bodily sovereignty.

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