A look at the upcoming NHL Awards Ceremony

As the NHL season grinds to a close, it’s fitting to take a look toward summer in Las Vegas, where the NHL awards will be given out to a multitude of deserving players around the league. Of course, some of the top nominees for these awards are not surprising-players like[Read More…]

From sainthood to St. Sulpice

While most people find an excuse to get out and party on St. Patrick’s day, such as “my great uncle was Irish,” or “Liam Neeson is my favourite actor,” or “I just really, really love Lucky Charms,” many don’t really know why they’re celebrating, or even who Saint Patrick was.[Read More…]

Introducing the hashtag

  They’re called hashtags, and they’re a phenomenon that started on Twitter and are now appearing all over the Internet (and even outside, with the appearance of ‘air hashtag’ hand-signs). Before explaining what hashtags are, let’s examine the social media that started it all. Twitter was launched in July 2006,[Read More…]

On-campus unions rally for accessible education

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM), and other on-campus unions voiced concerns about educational accessibility. Despite the dreary weather, over 60 graduate and undergraduate students gathered and prepared to march together to the province-wide student protest against proposed tuition hikes.  “The number of[Read More…]

TA support, privacy concerns discussed at Council

Michael Paolucci Michael Paolucci Key issues at last Thursday’s SSMU Council included a motion of support for TAs in recent negotiations and proposed changes to how McGill reappoints senior administrators. Council expanded on issues concerning the support of workers discussed by the General Assembly. In a demonstration of support for[Read More…]

Curtain rises for Music Theatre Montreal

Music Theatre Montreal   The word “actor” can have some rather glitzy connotations. Perhaps visions of Johnny Depp or Anne Hathaway just danced through your head. Maybe little golden statuettes, or the multi-million dollar paychecks that Taylor Lautner receives for taking his shirt off and mumbling. Yet, for every star[Read More…]

McGill loses grip on lead and season in loss to Gaiters

Sam Reynolds Sam Reynolds   Lately, in addition to football, the Redmen have been playing a new game: quarterback roulette. But even in front of a raucous Fill the Stadium crowd of 1,942, red (and white) can’t catch a break. The Redmen used quarterbacks Dallon Kuprowski and Jonathan Collin on[Read More…]

Funny against all odds

collider.com   Imagine how difficult it must be to hear your doctor say you have cancer. Now imagine how you’d feel if you asked the perfunctory question, “I’ll be okay though … right?” only to get an evasive mumble in return. That’s the story of Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a[Read More…]

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