Players’ debut more than just entertaining

Hearing the title of this play conjures up the image of something dreadful: a stuffy costume drama, a ‘comedy’ of errors, or a farce by some witless Oscar Wilde wannabe. Those labels couldn’t be further from the truth. This play, after all, comes from the delightfully twisted mind of Joe[Read More…]

Martlets falter in first loss of the season

The No. 7 ranked McGill Martlets played the No. 4 ranked Concordia Stingers in the annual Drummond Cup this past week. The match is named after the late Kelly-Anne Drummond, a former Concordia rugby player who lost her life in an incident of domestic violence in 2004. The contest now serves as a fundraiser for WomenAWARE, a local group that serves to support victims of domestic violence. This year a total of $1,824 was raised in donations for the cause at the match.

Fall team previews: part II

Entering yet another season as the defending RSEQ champions, the Redmen (1-0-0) have something of a dynasty to uphold. Last year came right down to the wire as the team forfeited the first half of its otherwise undefeated season due to an ineligible player, but came roaring back to win the rest of its games. The icing on the cake was beating cross-town rivals Concordia in the final, securing a seventh consecutive RESQ title.

The sounds of OAP

Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably run into nearly everyone you’ve ever met in Montreal at Open Air Pub (OAP), a beloved campus fixture that seems to define the beginning of each school year. Cheap food, plenty of beer, and live music keeps OAP secure in its status as the place to be every September for McGill students—and the lineup never disappoints. Featured below is a glimpse at some of the bands you’ve been listening to, just in case you feel like updating your playlist.

How does the internet work?

The internet, a network of networks, is often thought to have an ethereal existence—an illusive virtual web that somehow enables a message to travel from your McGill email to an account in London, or a tweet to circulate around the globe. What is surprising, however, is the tangible basis of[Read More…]

Joyce Murray

Exclusive interview with: Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray

Joyce Murray has been considered a “dark horse” in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership race since the start of the campaign period on Nov. 14, 2012. She recently received a celebrity boost as a result of endorsements from Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki, and several advocacy groups, such as Avaaz and

One week before the final leadership debate, the Tribune spoke to Murray, a former Cabinet minister in the B.C. government, about her vision of a sustainable society, electoral cooperation, and what young Canadians want from their political representatives today.

Ailisha Macharia (Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

Trudeau’s vision for politics

There is no doubt that Justin Trudeau is a leader. His charisma, his popularity, and his passion are hallmark characteristics of his speeches and image, and these traits have contributed to his success. In a recent National Post article by Mike de Souza, Trudeau is praised for his decisive lead[Read More…]

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