The Life of Winter

As winter comes to a close in Montreal, Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford presents a slow reflection on the season’s natural beauty and wildlife activity. 

The T: “Divest For Human Rights” Feb. 17

This week on the show: • 7 student organizations come together to pen a motion demanding that McGill divest from companies complicit in human rights • Governance: SSMU Legislative council • Governance: McGill Board of Governors Episode links: • Student organizations collaborate on SSMU ‘Divest for Human Rights’ motion, by[Read More…]

Change Makers: Andrea Brazeau

In the first episode of the Change Makers podcast, Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford speaks with Andrea Brazeau, an Inuk fourth year Education student who has been fighting for the Quebec government to provide better wifi to Nunavik. They discuss the implications of the issue, the government’s inaction, and what McGill[Read More…]

Exploring Mac Campus

Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford explores McGill’s Macdonald campus, and learns how it differs from McGill’s downtown campus in its location, departments, and atmosphere. Edit: This video incorrectly states the degrees offered at McGill’s Macdonald campus. The five degrees offered are as follows: Nutritional Science, Food Science, Agricultural and Environmental Science,[Read More…]

Witnessing wildlife

Multimedia Editor Sarah Ford explores the importance of appreciating and noticing local wildlife through an interview with Professor David Green.

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