What sparks wildfires?

Every passing summer brings forth the recurring and growing problem of forest fires in British Columbia, as well as in neighbouring provinces and states south of the border. Provincial governments have been tasked with preparing and dealing with fires that seem to be affecting larger and larger areas of land,[Read More…]

Student activism taking the front seat at McGill

Last week, McGill students were faced with a sense of déjà-vu when they were greeted by a congregation of Divest McGill speakers camped outside of the James Administration Building. In response to the McGill Board of Governor’s (BoG) decision to reject fossil fuel divestment, Divest McGill organized a sit-in, which[Read More…]

On why the cult of productivity is not productive

As a child, being productive simply meant you were hard-working and diligent. Today, however, productivity seems to signify a golden standard of existence everyone should aim for: It is a concept which is heralded by society. There is an endless source of self-help books and blog posts dedicated to teaching[Read More…]

Zooming out on Quebec’s immigration issue

A survey conducted in 2013 revealed that only 40 per cent of McGill undergraduates remained in Quebec after graduation. These results reflect a worrying trend in regards to the province’s ability to retain newcomers, a problem which is partly responsible for its steady decline in population growth rate. In an[Read More…]


McGill Matters, EP. 1: When SSMU is confronted with “external” and “divisive” issues

[audiotrack title=”McGill Matters, EP. 1: When SSMU is confronted with external and divisive issues” songwriter=”Zachary Carson, Albert Park, and David Watson” date=”March 18, 2016″ width=”700″ height=”200″ src=”https://24f2041bb5b609d25f1a97039f71682cc9154421.googledrive.com/host/0B9rQxTeDv2duM0FmSjBSYkZFS1k/mcgillmatters1.mp3″ autoplay=”on”] In Episode 1 of McGill Matters, Zac Carson, David Watson, and Albert Park discuss the referendum question on the motion regarding amendments to[Read More…]

Lighting up the path to a smoke-free campus

Between the congregation of smokers found in front of Leacock and the countless cigarette butts littered near Roddick Gates, it is not difficult to spot nicotine use at McGill. In a way, smoking is accepted as a regular part of campus life. The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), however,[Read More…]

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