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Schulogy for the library

This month, the McGill community suffered a great loss. We received news of the beloved Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering’s impending closure. Home to mostly stressed students and a couple of bookshelves, this 24-hour study spot will be missed. Though moving on seems hard, it is not impossible.

One cannot describe the beauty of the recently deceased without mentioning its stark white, asylum-like walls, uncomfortable polyester seats, and drab grey carpets, which are perfect for camouflaging your third breakdown of the hour. Many a time, with tears in my eyes and stress gripping each breath, I have retreated to that corner to cry—only to find it occupied by another student in the same sorry state. After all, community building is what hygiène de vie is all about.

I don’t know a single student who hasn’t fallen in love with the coffee-less, food-free, asbestos-filled building that was Schulich library. Some of my best first-year memories took place in there: Curling up in a ball on the floor, starving, but unable to leave my seat in case an eagle-eyed engineer stole my spot, all without having seen sunlight for two days straight. Oh, to be a froshie again.

The Engineering Undergraduate Society will be hosting a memorial service at Blue’s Pub this week. Dear Ol’ Schu drove many of its inhabitants to drink, so it’s the only way to truly honour its memory.

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