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Shyam Patel

Shyam Patel is the ideal candidate in this year’s election for VP finance and operations. Patel, the current SSMU funding coordinator, has the requisite background and expertise to make a successful VP finance, which is perhaps one of the most difficult portfolios in SSMU. In his current position Patel has […]

Todd Plummer

The Tribune’s endorsement for Students’ Society Vice President internal goes to Todd Plummer. Plummer’s varied experience and connections, strong platform, and ability to communicate and negotiate effectively make him the strongest candidate for the internal position. Plummer’s platform is tangible and practical, as well as innovative. In addition to plans […]

Third year: the final countdown

McGill Tribune You know you’re in third-year when a) Most of your friends are caffeine addicts, and b) All your friends have anxiously started muttering phrases like “damn internships” and “admissions GPA” under their breath. Days of first-year bliss, when hitting the bib for 30 minutes on a Saturday would […]

This I believe?

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.” —Stevie Wonder The university can be a hotbed for superstition. When you fill people’s heads with speculative ideas that are presented as facts, things will always get messy. Facts and metaphysical truths, when taken […]

Endorsements for Thursday’s GA motions

McGill Tribune Resolution Re: The Society’s Invesments – YES This resolution would amend the Students’ Society’s bylaws to include information regarding its investments in corporate shares and government bonds. As SSMU’s counsel has advised, this is necessary in order to bring the corporation in line with Quebec law. Resolution Re: […]

Newburgh should apologize, but not resign

McGill Tribune The Students’ Society Council voted in confidential session  on Thursday to publicly censure President Zach Newburgh. While this limited information was all that was initially offered to students, it is now known that the censure was the result of Newburgh’s involvement with a new company, Jobbook. Debate on […]

Harper right to force reversal of ISP decision

McGill Tribune Last week, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruled to allow a usage-based billing system for Internet Service Providers. The decision is anti-competitive and a disservice to technological advancement, and the federal government is right to force the CRTC to review its decision. In Canada, there are a […]

No Kraft Dinner for Ted Williams

 The first major entertainment story of 2011 was undoubtedly that of Ted Williams, also known as “the homeless guy with the golden voice.” Down on his luck and left panhandling to various passersby, Williams demonstrated his incredible silky smooth voice, which was subsequently recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Literally hours […]