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Student leaders should speak for themselves

McGill Tribune Queen’s University students are set to vote on a referendum question which would recommend to the university council that it move to impeach Nick Day, the university’s elected rector. Day—whose position is the third highest in the university and is mandated to represent students—drew national attention last week […]

The idea of drugs

I’ve never considered myself a psychonaut. The prospect of taking any drug usually frightens me more than it excites me. I’ve dabbled, though.   In my first few years of high school, I smoked pot semi-regularly—partly because I wanted to and partly because I thought I should. I grew out […]

The summer job search

As the semester comes to a close, I usually find myself stressing—not about school but about finding a summer job. Last year, I started my search in November, and by the time April rolled around still wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do in the summer. Most of […]

Anti-Semitism is real

The morning before we published the story about Haaris Khan’s tweets last week, I think I startled one of my fellow editors. She was convinced that the story was a huge deal, that there would be a unanimous outcry, that this was one of those things that transcends politics and […]

Lauren Hudak

We have full faith in the ability of both Lauren Hudak and Emily Clare to do an exceptional job as VP university affairs next year. Ultimately, we feel that Hudak’s wide range of experience and record of working with diverse groups will make her SSMU’s most effective representative to the […]

Shyam Patel

Shyam Patel is the ideal candidate in this year’s election for VP finance and operations. Patel, the current SSMU funding coordinator, has the requisite background and expertise to make a successful VP finance, which is perhaps one of the most difficult portfolios in SSMU. In his current position Patel has […]

Todd Plummer

The Tribune’s endorsement for Students’ Society Vice President internal goes to Todd Plummer. Plummer’s varied experience and connections, strong platform, and ability to communicate and negotiate effectively make him the strongest candidate for the internal position. Plummer’s platform is tangible and practical, as well as innovative. In addition to plans […]

JoÃl Pedneault

Tuition is going to be a huge issue next year, and Joël Pedneault will be a strong person to have at the helm as VP external. We hope that he will take multiple viewpoints into account and keep his strategies grounded in serious research, but his experience and the way […]