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An accidental editor

I was really lame when I was a first year. In fact, I’m still a square compared to the Froshies who were outside my building late last night. I had a difficult time finding extracurriculars when I arrived three years ago. Bar hopping in first year on St.  Laurent was […]

College Mindset

Every year Beloit College releases a new College Mindset List.  Compiled by a professor and administrator, the 75-item list is a summary of sociocultural entities which the incoming freshman class may take for granted because of their age.  The umbrella of topics is broad; some are banal, some insightful, and […]

Crossing the line

Unless, out of sympathy for international labour, you’ve rigged some kind of Rube Goldberg-esque device that delivers the Tribune straight from our printer in Saint-Leonard to your doorstep, it’s safe to assume that you picked this newspaper up somewhere on campus. That means you probably crossed the MUNACA picket line […]

Acclaimed exec positions a growing problem

McGill Tribune In this semester’s debate over whether and how to reform the General Assembly, most of those involved repeatedly stressed their commitment to representative democracy for students at McGill. All proposals for reform were offered in the name of that democracy and its continued improvement. The discourse surrounding student […]

Don’t fight racism with racism

I always thought there would be glory in being quoted by a major publication. But when an American Spectator blog reposted the opening paragraph of my article last week (“Anti-Semitism is real”) in their own coverage of McGill’s threatening tweets affair, I was disheartened—though not terribly surprised—to see that readers […]

The unwritten rules of Urinaldom

McGill Tribune Some of humanity’s greatest achievements are rules that have been written-down. Whether on papyrus or webpages, we document how we think things should be run, then we run them accordingly. For predictability and fairness, the Do’s and Dont’s are visibly laid out for all to see. We mobilize […]