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Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, The ongoing McGill University Non-Academic (MUNACA) workers’ strike has imposed logistical concerns which impact the Tribune’s production process. While the strike continues, the Tribune will publish on Wednesdays. We will return to our standard Tuesday publishing schedule as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvience this has […]

Forgetting Jack already?

No matter where you stand on that peskily limiting left/right political spectrum, it was tough not to like Jack. During the last election the NDP was still that obscure leftist party to Liberals, with ideas that scared the hell out of Conservatives, but their cane-wielding, mustache-sporting leader somehow made the […]

Engineering reports should flood the public

McGill Tribune Students leaving class for OAP last Thursday saw Montreal’s version of Niagra Falls when a burst water main on Docteur Penfield sent torrents of water down McTavish and into downtown Montreal (News: “McTavish Under Water,” p. 3). While many students enjoyed frolicking in Le Fleuve McTavish, the flood […]

September 11 is not a political tool

McGill Tribune The Harper government’s decision to reintroduce two controversial  clauses of the Anti-Terrorism Act (Bill C-36) in the House of Commons this past week is no small coincidence.  At a time when the 2001 attacks on the United States are on everyone’s mind, and every media source features news […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Kreitner, I was disappointed to read your claim that “the new SSMU team […] would ideally have us all joining MUNACA in its strike for fairer pay, and thus would have us miss classes until whenever the disagreement is resolved” [“Crossing the line,” September 7]. The SSMU Executive […]

Crime TV too real for me

To all of those TV junkies who have recently taken up a nightly routine of watching prime-time crime shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI, and CSI Miami (also known as the better CSI), I come to you with a grave, grave warning: too much exposure to police procedural dramas is […]

A letter from MUNACA

McGill Tribune To fellow members of the McGill commnity, We are McGill employees, each of us working in a different capacity at the university. Between us we have given almost 100 years of service to McGill. We work hard and we take pride in the work that we do. Like […]

9/11 – A memoir

Two Sundays ago marked the 10th anniversary of the attacks on Sept. 11. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said. All I can offer is my personal experience. My fifth grade class was in the middle of story time when we heard the terrible bang that […]

Quebec right to drop $2 million fine

McGill Tribune The tuition beast has once again reared its ugly head, in both our Minerva statements and campus politics, as the Ministry of Education recently rescinded a $2 million fine it had slapped on McGill for a tuition hike. McGill’s MBA program tuiton was  increased to $32,000 for all […]

Resolution in the best interest of students

McGill Tribune Some may say that a university is only as strong as its professors and researchers, but there’s an argument that the backbone of any school is made up of a less celebrated group: the administrative, technical, and logistical staff who run the libraries, the tech programs, the labs; […]