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A midterm adventure

Sometimes, during the middle of midterms when one’s diet consists of a problematic number of Tim Horton’s bagels and too much coffee, and the dirty laundry pile is functioning as a chest of drawers, one decides to take a small adventure. A small midterm adventure, to be precise. The small […]

Why I’m voting no

This fall’s referendum features two questions which are almost identically worded; one regarding the McGill chapter of the Quebec Public Interest Research Group, and one about CKUT, a radio station run by McGill students. Both questions call for the renewal of the groups’ opt-outable fees, but both also demand a […]

There is never a case for bullying

Bullying awareness and ‘it gets better’ campaigns have been gaining momentum this year. So when I read the news that the state of Michigan passed an ‘anti-bullying’ bill, I was shocked and greatly disappointed. This bill essentially justifies bullying if it’s based on a strongly held religious belief or moral […]

To walk or to wait

Jaywalking is a practice that is only nominally illegal in most North American cities. However, Montreal seems to be taking a different approach. The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has begun its annual pedestrian safety campaign. Like most measures by government to raise “awareness” of a […]

Consultation reaps rewards on niche issues

McGill Tribune SSMU should be commended for their efforts at giving McGill students a voice with the various consultation fairs and strategic summits that have been held so far this semester. For years, SSMU has been talking about better student representation via improved communication with students, and this year they […]

Paws off the beaver

1975 was one fine year for the beaver fan, especially for those with a particular fondness for the Castor Canadensis—the Canadian beaver. That year marked the start of the beaver’s official role, alongside the maple leaf, as a Canadian national symbol. However, 2011 has proved to be a much more […]

Geuss’s winning maxim

Last October, philosopher Raymond Geuss stood in a graveyard in Cambridge, England for a mysterious filmed interview. In an eery setting, Geuss communicated an inspired statement: knowing the historical context of what you stand for “will change your attitude toward the world and toward yourself … It will prevent you […]

Online gateway toward greater accountability

McGill Tribune Following the lead of Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa, the City of Montreal has created a website—donnees.ville.montreal.qc.ca—opening up its municipal data to the public. The website, known as an open data portal, is intended to be a universally accessible resource for municipal information, ranging from government contract details to […]