Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In a House of Commons committee on Monday, a proud legacy of McGill students was crippled. Since 2003, McGill students have been the leading edge of Canadian civil society clamoring for Parliament to allow Canadian generic drug companies to produce low-cost medicines for people in poor countries. This solution would […]

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the well-written story about the boycott (“SSMU will support campus food boycott,” October 5). I hope it raises awareness on campus, and as I see from the nice poll on your website, people seem fairly supportive of the SSMU boycott. However, the story credited me with starting the […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The democratic hacky sack

Last Thursday, as I sat through Students’ Society Legislative Council, I felt like my nails were being pulled out of my fingers. I heard the word “democracy” being thrown around like a hacky sack as councillors took turns accusing others of infringing on their ‘democratic right’ to speak and then carefully stroking their own and, indeed, everyone’s ego with a passionate appeal to the ‘democratic process.


Butt out I’m so happy that McGill is enforcing the new anti-smoking legislation by implementing new policies. It’s about time that non-smokers had some rights around here. Non-smokers are sick of breathing in second-hand smoke everywhere we go. If people want to smoke, they should do it in places where they are not affecting anyone else’s health.