Letters to the Editor

Letter: In support of the Faculty of Medicine’s opposition to Bill 60

On September 16, the McGill Faculty of Medicine, along with its four major teaching hospitals, released a joint statement affirming its belief in providing an environment where individuals are free to choose to wear “conspicuous religious symbols.” Today, in light of the proposed Bill 60, the Medical Students’ Society of […]

Letter: AUS denounces barriers at Milton Gates

Dear Associate Vice-Principal Couvrette and Provost Masi, The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) of McGill University Legislative Council voted at the September 18 meeting to take a stance of disapproval against the erection of the new barriers at the Milton Gates, expressing concerns about accessibility, the consultation process, community relations, utility […]

Letter to the Editor

Re: Fighting the anti-free speech Frenzy (editorial, November 23, 2010) November 23rd’s Editorial, “Fighting the anti-free speech frenzy,” is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the legal concept of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a negative freedom: the government (or university) cannot censor or forbid speech that it […]

Letter to the Editor

In a House of Commons committee on Monday, a proud legacy of McGill students was crippled. Since 2003, McGill students have been the leading edge of Canadian civil society clamoring for Parliament to allow Canadian generic drug companies to produce low-cost medicines for people in poor countries. This solution would […]