Letters from the Editors

If you spend a lot of time complaining about McGill for its lack of or poorly run programs and student life, you would be a hypocrite to not vote YES for the Tribune’s independence.

Okay, hypocrite’s a bit strong. But the point is, I spent a lot of time complaining about just that over my time at McGill. And the Tribune offered me the university ‘program’ I wanted. It was also a social hub for me; what’s more, especially during my tenure as A&E editor, I heard countless times about how an event we announced got people out to a McGill theatre show or other event. Now, after 29 years of service (it’s been in print a whopping 17 years longer than the National Post), I hear the Tribune will most likely not be able to offer the quality and variety of reporting that students have come to expect if their referendum vote fails. I can’t vote anymore, which is why I urge everyone that can to do so. Even if you can’t feel the direct benefits now, I promise the lack of the paper would be strongly felt. No one wants a monopolized campus press, which is what the reduction or destruction of the Tribune would amount to.

Why else should you vote? I could pass on some of the many thank-yous and words of praise I’ve heard from readers and friends, or how articles I myself read helped me. But my relationship first and foremost with the Tribune was as an editor for three years, not just as a reader. So what I can offer is this: the Tribune was the most useful learning experience I had at McGill. McGill lacks a journalism program, and this is, in essence, it. I’m an employed editor now. I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the Tribune.

Isn’t that what a service to students is all about? I had fun times and what I learned was essential. Why think twice before supporting that opportunity for yourself or future students? We have more than one theatre group and more than one sports team on campus; everyone needs options to find their niche. For readers, the Tribune will even become more directly accountable to you if it’s independent. Think about how much you pay for sports programs, whether or not you participate. Or for any SSMU or departmental group. The McGill Tribune is a service you’ve always paid for. So now, give yourself a voice: take the initiative to directly support the Tribune. It’ll cost you the equivalent of a Tiki Ming General Tao or Tim Horton’s sandwich combo per year!

– Crystal ChanB.A. ’09Managing Editor 2008-09Copy Editor 2007-08Arts Editor 2006-07Montreal

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