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Re: “Why Gaza Remembrance Week misses the point” by Adam Winer (09.02.10)

Mr. Winer seems to have entirely missed the point in believing that SPHR should be neutral in its display and presentation of speakers for the Gaza Remembrance event. When an entire population becomes the target of Israeli amunition and unjustified sanctions, then logically people have to stand up in defence of human rights and to lobby governments and intellectuals to stop the suffering of the Palestinian people. SPHR’s event is one drop in that ocean of lobbying to stop human rights violations in Gaza. I would also encourage Mr. Winer to read the news column that was elegantly presented by the McGill Daily on Gaza’s Crippling Health Care (08.02.10). We need hundreds of Gaza Remembrance events and many more doctors of the likes of Mads Gilbert to paint a true picture of the suffering of the Gazan people and influence the political decision in our local vicinity and at the federal level.

– Ayman OweidaPhD II Experimental Medicine

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