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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: L.L. Bean, it’s good for your heart

In her recent article Die “Hipster” Die Zoe Daniels claims that the word hipster has “become a comfortable crutch for those lazy judges who see a single pair of plastic- framed glasses as an unbridgeable ideological gap” for various groups including those “L.L. Bean clad hikers.” L.L. Bean is a wonderful place that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices, products that can be used long after the last pair of skinny jeans have been dumped into the Salvation Army bin, and will surely still be going strong on that beautiful day when plaid can once again be worn with pride. In 25 years – when people no longer ask what your tattoo means, but rather when your laser removal surgery is scheduled for – L.L. Bean will still honour their lifetime warranty on that backpack even though you bought it in the fourth grade. It is for these reasons, Ms Daniels, that I ask that next time you wish to criticize society, please, leave L.L. Bean out of it. It has done nothing wrong.

– Alexander SolowayU3, mechanical engineering

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