LETTER TO THE EDITOR: J-Board soars to new lows

Re: “Newburgh to face J-Board” (23.03.10)

There are several doses of shame that are deserved in light of this appeal to the Student’s Society’s Judicial Board.

Shame on you, the J-Board, for accepting this appeal well over a month after the General Assembly. Are you trying to set the precedent that any case, no matter how ridiculous, will be heard before you?

Shame on you, SPHR, for misleading the student body that this motion was ever about anything other than Israel. News flash: the motion passed. I take it that the targeted singling out of Israel was just as important to the motion as many assumed before the GA. I apologize that the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) movement against Israel will have to wait until next year’s GA to get some traction on campus. I know you won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that this corporate social responsibility committee will focus on all human rights violations, without focussing on Israel.

Finally, shame on you, Zach, for not defending your own rights with the same vigour that I expect you will use to defend the rights of others next year.

– Eli FreedmanU0 Economics and Finance

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