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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help make McGill sustainable

The first deadline to submit a project application to the Sustainability Projects Fund is almost upon us. April 2 will be the first of many landmarks after students and the administration formed an unprecedented partnership to create this fund last semester. In what we hope will be a story of transformation, both individuals and groups will be submitting proposals for projects that will help create a more sustainable campus.

The Sustainability Projects Fund was created to facilitate the effective and coherent planning, financing, and implementation of projects to promote sustainable practices at McGill. The intent of this fund is to fully finance or provide seed capital for dynamic, innovative sustainability projects, thereby allowing such projects to be implemented more quickly and effectively than might otherwise have been possible. All proposals from students, staff or alumni are welcome and may be submitted at any time, to be evaluated at regular intervals throughout the calendar year. The first of those deadlines is April 2. The estimated annual value of the fund is $800,000.

This is especially exciting for any clubs on the Macdonald and downtown campuses that are involved in sustainability. Each and every one of these 30+ groups have had tons of ideas that they want to see get off the ground. The fund provides a great opportunity for these groups to look past the obstacle of funding and turn their years of effort and volunteerism into concrete actions that create a more enjoyable campus. However, the strength of this fund is that it is truly collaborative and accessible. Any member of the McGill community can apply, and with the aspiration of becoming an institutional model of sustainability for society, we certainly need the entire community to get there.

Applications to the fund can be emailed to [email protected] More information can be found on the club’s website: www.mcgill.ca/sustainability/projectfund.

– Monika FabianU1 Environment

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