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Re: “Sportsophobia” by Brahna Siegelberg (30.03.10)

I always wanted to attend a great academic post-secondary institution, and I thought that McGill was the right school. However, after reading “Sportsophobia,” written by a fellow McGill student, my impression of the school is somewhat diminished. I will bring your “literary work” to the attention of enrolment services in hope that McGill entrance standards will be raised.

Clearly you know nothing about sports or the merits of athletics, but given the irrational and pseudo-intellectual theme of your article, it’s unlikely that you feel the need to have any real knowledge to back your opinions.

How about the stereotypical female cultural icons such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Oprah celebrity fixations, and Desperate Housewives? Instead of criticizing a pastime you believe to be exclusive to men (it’s not, of course), why not take a critical look at the cultural ailments which have diseased the minds of generations of young women? Why don’t you challenge and ridicule those activities that condition women to accept being unintelligent, needy, incompetent, and inconsequential? By criticizing sports, you seem eager to deprive young women of the successful and strong role models they need to succeed in a male-dominated society.

Your last paragraph seems a bit off-base (or perhaps it’s the entirety of your article that’s off-base):

“In my humble opinion, there are a lot of things that went awry on the Y chromosome: the need to direct a woman when she is trying to park, the refusal to ask for directions when lost, and the generally slow intake of emotional cues, to name just a few.”

Not really relevant to the main issue – sports entertainment as the source of male anti-social behaviour – is it? This rant reveals your true agenda: a good, old-fashioned neo-feminist male bashing.

Your painfully embarrassing article taints the feminist movement, belittles the hard work of subjugated women, and ignores the incredible achievements of Canada’s finest female athletes.

But hey, thanks for reinforcing a stereotype, and giving us all a little comic relief.

– Sean BrackenU0 Economics & Finance

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