Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the well-written story about the boycott (“SSMU will support campus food boycott,” October 5). I hope it raises awareness on campus, and as I see from the nice poll on your website, people seem fairly supportive of the SSMU boycott. However, the story credited me with starting the boycott, which is a flattering idea, but isn’t really true. I started a Facebook group, but that was several hours after the Arts Undergraduate Society Council voted to support a boycott on September 21 (the same day as the failed rally). I also think the idea of a boycott was collectively on a lot of people’s minds that day, including members of Midnight Kitchen and the original Arch Cafe Mobilization Committee (which has now become Mobilization McGill). I can see how the creation of a group might make it seem as though I started it, because I’m the only administrator, but I just did that for organization’s sake. In fact, the group was just a suggestion from my roommate. Early members might remember that the original “about” section was in fact a semi-drunk rant. But as I said, thanks for drawing attention to this issue, and I wish I was as relevant on campus as you seem to suggest.

Erin Hale

U3 Philosophy

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