Letter to the Editor

First of all, thank you for the support you’ve shown the Architecture Cafe. It is greatly appreciated, as information is what really empowers students on campus.

However, I am writing concerning last week’s article: “Architecture Café shut down by McGill.” I am sure that the subject had been researched prior to publishing, but there are certain errors which need immediate correction. Katherine Messina is not the current president of the ASA, and her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the association. Study space is obviously a valuable resource within the campus that is often taken for granted. But the Architecture Cafe represented much more than a mere study space. Although many students balanced coffee cups on stacks of textbooks, it also provided an opportunity to socialize, relax, and grab a decent meal.

Student-run initiatives offer many benefits not covered by the basic curriculum, and give students a chance to bring about positive change within the McGill community. I look forward your continued support in this matter.

—Kyle Burrows, ASA President

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