SSMU should reconsider new equity policy

McGill Tribune Last week, the Students’ Society Legislative Council updated the 2008 version of the equity policy. There are problems with certain parts of the amended version. While they’re largely definitional problems, they’re anything but semantic. Future interpretations of the words in this document could lead to clubs unjustifiably having […]

Scrap the Montreal metro cars deal

McGill Tribune Last Thursday the Quebec National Assembly passed Bill 116, permitting the provincial government to hand a $1.22 billion contract for the construction of 468 new Montreal metro cars to a consortium led by Bombardier without going through a bidding process. This bill was proposed by the government and […]

Boycott should be more steak, less sizzle

McGill Tribune In response to the closure of the Architecture Café, the Students Society of McGill University Council passed a resolution last Thursday in support of boycotting all campus food locations owned by McGill Food and Dining Services until the administration proves more willing to engage in student consultation. While […]

EUS ban of QPIRG a hasty overreaction

McGill Tribune At their council meeting on Tuesday, the Engineering Undergraduate Society banned the Quebec Public Interest Research Group from using any promotional tables in the McConnell Engineering Building for one year. This ban came in response to the September 23 confrontation between QPIRG and the QPIRG Opt-Out Campaign, which […]

Making AUSes of themselves

McGill Tribune In light of emergent details about the Arts Undergraduate Society’s Frosh budget deficit, the way in which Frosh was organized, and how current AUS executives and council members are handling the situation, the Tribune is deeply concerned over the way AUS is being run. At Wednesday’s council meeting, […]

Editorial to restore sanity

McGill Tribune Anyone who attended Wednesday’s Rally to Save the Architecture Café, and even those who only heard about it secondhand, must have been heartened to see such a positive display of campus activity and communal feeling from the typically somnolent McGill student body. The Tribune certainly was. However, those […]

Raising Quebec tuition: the least bad option

Last week, McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum travelled to Quebec City to report to the provincial government on the ups and downs the university has faced in the past three years. In her speech, Munroe-Blum repeated many of the standard talking points: she touted the university’s research, emphasized McGill’s international stature, […]