Queer McGill executives resign

Four new Queer McGill executives were elected on Friday evening to fill some of the vacancies left by the five executives who resigned from the organization in December and January

Queer McGill’s volunteer, policy and equity, political action, and publicity co-ordinators resigned from the group, along with one of the organization’s co-administrators. The executives cited both personal and academic reasons for resigning.

“It seems like [the executives who resigned] were doing what was best for them, and they needed to do what they needed to do,” said Parker Villalpando, Queer McGill co-administrator, adding that the resignations did not cause any major setbacks for the group.

“It wasn’t really good timing since we had our retreat the first weekend of the semester, which took a lot of planning. But that was pulled off perfectly, so there weren’t a lot of problems,” he said. “Luckily some of [the resignations] happened right before finals, so there wasn’t that much going on with the organization at that time other than planning for the retreat and preparing for our General Assembly.”

At the group’s General Assembly last Friday, Pamela Fillion was elected as co-administrator, Carol Kwon as publicity co-ordinator, Zach Kornblum as volunteer co-ordinator, and Kevin Wyllie as policy and equity co-ordinator. The position of political action co-ordinator remains vacant.

Villalpando said he was happy with both the election turnout and results and is confident in the new executives.

“I’m definitely happy with how things went. I’m very excited to work with the new execs. They all seem to be very dedicated and excited to be there,” he said. “So I’m excited to work with them and hopefully everything will go smoothly for the rest of the semester. I’m sure everything can go as planned.”

In addition, those who attended the General Assembly voted to provide a $300 honorarium for all of last semester’s executive members, which represents a $50 increase from last year’s amount.

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