McGill ranked amongst Canada’s top employers


McGill was named the third most attractive employer in Canada on Thursday.

The announcement was initally made last Thursday by Ranstad Canada, a human resources company.The news of the announcement was  also released by McGill via a press statement issued on Monday.

According to the survey, McGill, in terms of ranking as a desirable employer, placed alongside prestigious and well known companies such as IBM Canada Ltd., Air Canada, and Bombardier Inc. 

“McGill continues to work very hard to provide a stimulating and attractive working environment,” Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal of Administration and Finance said of the news. 

“[We] are very proud of this recognition of our efforts, despite limited resources, to be not only a university highly ranked as an academic institution, but as an employer of talented, dedicated employees at every level,” Di Grappa added via press release. 

This announcement comes in the midst of the ongoing MUNACA labour dispute. MUNACA represents approximately 1,700 McGill employees who are presently on strike. 

Kevin Whittaker, the President of MUNACA, had reservations about the anouncement.  

“I don’t know much about the details but I’m rather shocked … if the rankings are going to talk about employment at McGill or how desirable it is, they should talk to the employees,” Whittaker said.

In direct response to Di Grappa’s statement, Kevin Whittaker said, “If he hasn’t noticed the strike he needs to look outside. If we were so well treated, we wouldn’t be on strike.”

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