Anonymous grading sparks debate at Senate

The possibility of anonymous exam grading gave rise to debate at Senate last Wednesday. Discussion stemmed from a report by the Academic Policy Committee, which concluded that there should be no university-wide policy on anonymous evaluations. Anonymous grading policies have been implemented at other universities worldwide and in McGill’s Faculty […]

Qualitative vs. quantitative: A look at McGill’s admissions policy

While academic grades were once seen as the only standard for analyzing a student’s ability for admissions, this stance is changing for many in today’s society. McGill is sometimes criticized for being too “grade-centric” with their admissions process, as many programs at McGill only consider transcripts for admission. Other universities […]

i-Week panel examines relationship between migrants and Indigenous communities

Building relationships between international students, migrants, and Indigenous peoples was the focus of a panel discussion hosted by the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) on Thursday. According to Juhi Sujan, administrative coordinator at SEDE, the event was coordinated to address an unique subject matter. “In envisioning the event, […]