Speakers from Montreal community projects engage students as part of Innovation Week

An open class lecture discussing collaboration for convergent innovation in public health was held in management course MGCR 360, Social Context of Business, last Friday as part of McGill’s Innovation Week. Professor Nii Addy, who teaches the course, invited speakers Claude Lavoie, projects manager from Jeunes en Santé Notre Dame […]

Conference discusses historical, cultural impact of French Quebec bilateral agreement

Last Monday, the McGill Commission on Francophone Affairs hosted a conference discussing the effects of the bilateral agreement between France and Quebec on education. The event was also co-hosted by the Department of French Language and Literatures, Le Délit, the Department of Political Science at the Université du Québec à […]

Annual joint Board-Senate meeting discusses community engagement

Last Tuesday, the Board of Governors (BoG) and the Senate held a joint meeting discussing McGill University’s community involvement. Panellists from a variety of research backgrounds addressed the ways through which McGill could strengthen its relationship with the community. During her opening remarks, Principal Suzanne Fortier explained that the meeting’s […]