AUS Legislative Council ratifies Interfaculty Involvement Restriction Policy

The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Legislative Council reconvened on Oct. 30 to discuss the Motion to Ratify the Interfaculty Involvement Restriction Policy (IRP). The policy aims to foster a safe environment by restricting individuals’ access to events if they have threatened the physical, mental, or emotional state of other individuals […]

McGill alumnus Sally Armstrong returns to McGill for Massey Lecture

Content Warning: mentions of sexual assault   World-renowned journalist, celebrated author, and human rights activist Sally Armstrong presented  “The Mating Game,” the second installment of her Massey Lecture series, at McGill’s Max Bell School of Public Policy on Oct. 24. Armstrong was appointed CBC’s Massey Lecturer of 2019, a prestigious […]

300 Montrealers march against racism and gentrification in Parc-Extension

Foul weather did not deter protestors at the fourth annual Mass Demonstration Against Racism on Oct. 27. The Collective Against Hate and Racism marched through the Parc-Extension neighbourhood in Montreal to protest Bill 21, Quebec’s law banning visible religious symbols, Bill 9, an immigration reform geared toward prioritizing “skilled workers,” […]

Protest held for Indigenous peoples traumatized by the child-welfare system

The Canadian federal government has appealed a ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, that ordered them to pay reparations to First Nations children and their families who were separated by the child-welfare system. In response, on Oct. 19, Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Indigenous Affairs Commissioner Tomas Jirousek […]